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DeAries Collins

Never Forget How Much

I know you've never enjoyed real love in this life.

Crying on the phone I know you had them nights, thinking it's a struggle not to live in spite.  I wasn't looking for my friend when I reached out, but I was looking for my wife.   Love songs and teardrops, Baby I know the feeling…'s hard to love freely when your heart's in prison.   I see your heart dying from neglect and it's sad to witness.   Know you deserve more than just a happy ending.   I never say, I love you, if I knew I didn't.    If they didn't love you then, they're gonna hate you now.   Full of joy and pride ‘cuz you have someone who can make you smile.   I'll never hurt you, never lie, or deceive you.   Never lead you on, hide the truth to mislead you.  I'll always have your back and hold your hand when I need to.   I've done seen it all and been through a lot of sh**, it's crazy how society done turned love into politics.   “Me”, I'll treat my wife like a Queen, it's only common sense.  The abuse of your past, we’ll never go through that, I'll be damned if I put you through that pain and that hurt.   Blood red eyes, tears falling on your shirt…..I promise it won't get no worse because I'm here to help heal your heart.  Let me do my work!




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