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De'Quantez Nixson #A678-485

Opportunity Poem

No roses are red, violets are blue stuff, reading this you know I’m cool as shiss.
Reading your mind is like studying an astrology quiz, personality so unique, impossible to forget.
Don’t wanna know you by name, never judge you by looks, taking my time understanding like reading a book.
Trade a cry for a laugh I aint here for cash maybe together we’ll make each other’s hearts last.
What makes you smile, what makes you frown? Honestly my intentions are sticking around. What’s your darkest secret, your deepest fear? No need to lie, I wanna know you like a famous career.
Aint no telling lies don’t wanna cry we all been through it many times, so tell the truth I’m assuring you with words I’ll never hurt chu.
My ways of approach may seem too strong when I explain may seem too long, you take the time to listen bet you’ll hold on, like roses and chocolate with me you can never go wrong.
I was born sour! For you I wanna be sweet, I’ll be your best student if you be the best teacher to me, perfect attendance never late! Refuse to be distracted along the way, I’m used to girls I need a woman in my world, so hey, I say come my way.
So now on my quest hopes to do my best it’s you I wanna impress better than the last, so now I must ask to know you deeply for me will you give me the (Opportunity)??
Quanzy Quanzy Wildeye



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