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DeRail Riley #M12465

Does Beauty Fade?

I have heard that beauty fades
Is it true, will your heart change?
Beauty you surpass flesh and age
You are an idea of what lies in heaven’s gates
When we spoke our hearts embraced
In that time and place, I felt safe
Only God could sketch kindness into a shape
You are blessed, you are art I appreciate
Unique flower the world is your vase
Your beauty is forever blooming when watered by faith
You stride with confidence and grace
You get away, I give chase
Beauty, you are the first blush of a new day
More amazing you are today than yesterday
Your gentle and quiet spirit is rare, I must say
In you what has God not engraved?
In this cage, thoughts of you are my escape
Your joy for the Lord put a smile on my face
Life without you would be a waste
Without stars and moon, what is space?
Beauty this void in me aches
Echoes of your voice caress my cave making pain okay
Obedient servant of YAHWEH
Complete you are in every way
In your womb small seeds become great
Favored are your kids to inherit Christlike traits
25 years for you I’ve waited
You are worth my patience
You are delicate and courageous
A butterfly from the line of David
In God’s image you were created
To me, you will always be breathtaking!



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