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Concrete & Steel

The pouring of slabs, beyond a boulevard or avenue, unbreakable; Withstanding an attempt to bend.

Also known as the “pen”, a conglomeration of people’s families and friends. The law becomes broken, and they’re ushered in.

Over a period of years, the concrete becomes hard on one’s knees and feet. The steel is a reminder that this is real. No yelling for a boss because you see a plane.

No fantasy island. It does get violent laying in the bunk staring at the ceiling, mentally distraught, hurt and in pain, but concealing.

Visitation, a few hours vacation, recreation; Mental, emotional, and physical stimulation. Day in and day out the monotony becomes a rebellious stain – administrative abuse, one way or another, will never change.

Concrete and steel, bodies inside of a building. There’s always room to fill, regardless of how you feel, so save me your spiel.

Some of us did, some of us didn’t. Some of us left and came back with the quickness.

A stamp for a soup, a soup for a shot of coffee. A hundred dollar free for a runny nose. Common violence keeps one on his toes.

Some lives become change, for the better of for the worse. Some of us were rescued, or we would've been in a hearse.

Drugs, sex, and sports: Distractions of the worst kind, while doing time. Family dieing off or distanced away, some only have friends where they stay.

Filthy concrete, revised and repainted steel, enough to heal, enough to kill...

Concrete and steel.

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