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Do you have any care and concern for the imprisoned? If so, I’d like to be your friend. Do you understand that there are innocent individuals behind bars? If so, I’d like to be your friend, because I’m one of them.


Has anyone behind bars ever tried with your feelings and emotions, or just lied to you? If so, I’d like to be your friend, because I choose to be true. Why? Because if I can’t be real with you, I can’t be anything with you. I’m open for friendship as a whole. The seeds that we plant, however they may bloom, I’ll do my part to groom.


Texas raised with Southern ways, a proud father of one son, and two daughters. I’ve completed four books total. I smile quite often; I think that’s needed to get through life, especially through trying times. I laugh a lot too, which is comforting to the mind.


I’m into other cultures, accents are a catch, German Shepherds are the best, but I also dig cats.


The legalities of my incarceration are a daily and nightly grind, but thank God that I’ll be cleared, because my freedom is rightly mine.


But being a pen-pal isn’t all about me, so I’m always willing to listen to you about whatever you’re going through. Let’s tackle it, us two, and come out as winners under the guise of friendship.


To play my part, I’m equipped. Are you?

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