Lost In Thought

Lost in Thought

They say I'm supposed to be in jail….living in hell…pacing back and forth in a cell waiting on mail my body may be trapped but my mind and soul will forever be free…..for I know me….connect on a level that is mental and emotionally…..the Sun, the Moon, the planets orbiting around one another is almost like my mind orbiting in clutter….at times I slip away…..thinking about that special someone turns my mind into warm butter…'re the solar to my system…..the sparkle in your eyes explain why the stars went missing in the Sky…..Am I dreaming or am I that lost in thought that I've floated into the atmosphere lost in a universe of peace, love and happiness…..if it was true…..could you feel the way I feel, got me caught up with the beautiful way you smell…..your mind… mind.....the Bonnie to my Clyde…..the evolution to my pride, there's nothing to hide with you in my sight…..Am I blind….lost in time…..Searching for my soul mate on the other side reaching for a hand to pull me out but it's some that I can't seeing to find…..Damn....have I become lost in space dreaming of a mystery woman I continue to chase…..I guess sometimes I just get lost in thought.

Respectfully submitted,

Derrick Scaggs

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