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Dexter Wilson #314076

The Love I Give

Looking into your eyes is like being thrust in the middle of a vast forest, with no sense of where I’m at. I could get lost in them for days searching for a way out and even when I die from what seems like an eternity of your essence, when you blink, I come back to reality where only seconds have passed. When I inhale your scent I suffocate, the air in my lungs refusing to exhale, from fear of never being able to experience the pure pleasure of having you around if you leave me. If ever you’re unhappy, fire rain from the sky and with every drop my flesh burns because your sadness brings me great pain.

When you cry the vapors from your tears fill my air with a deadly toxin that enters my bloodstream and breaks down every cell in my body causing my slow and painful death that only your smile can cure. A smile that radiates brighter than the sun for sure and if I ever have to endure life on this planet without you then it’s a life not worth living anymore.

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