Doug Mialkovsky #AB-7844

To those who choose this poem to read; from behind gray walls, I felt the need to take my years dusted off the shelf to reveal a little bit about myself. Unfortunately I’m alone and past my prime, I’m learning to change my ways while doing time. Trying to pretend to be somebody else, a life of lies and deceit is where I dwelled. In and out of prison, digging my hole, doing plenty of drugs and I even stole. Never caring to change the man inside, a car of chaos I did ride. Spending my adulthood alone, always walking away, never starting a family or had a true love to stay. I was losing my humanity and staying numb. Until I realized what I had done a life of crime and drugs didn’t get me far, at least I discovered who my true friends are. I lost myself in this place and realized my life was a waste. Once I discovered who I was I gave up walking through life with a buzz. I became honest with myself; I now live with a purpose and dropped the pride. So behind these gray walls my mind is now free. This is an open invitation for anyone to write to me.