Eric Gray #M07730

Judge Me

I’m OK with that, long as you judge me. How can you judge me without actually judging me. Judge me without actually hearing me. Oh, I see! You read it so it’s true. Think about all the things that’s been said about you that isn’t true. Please explain to me how you judge my story and I didn’t even tell it to you. #Confused. Learn how to judge before you do. If you knew the truth, only way to judge me would be “You mad I’m not a snitch” or “I gave up my life for somebody who aint spit”. How can you judge me without knowing this. I like when you judge me. My new lil sis motivates me, said she saw the real me and aint many worthy of me. Almost cried, prayed that night thanking God for bringing someone loyal to my life. God works in mysterious ways cuz next day got mail from the courts saying my appeal is being advanced to the next stage. I thank everybody who misjudged me. Lil sis, we gone prove em wrong. I don’t want a lavish lifestyle just a happy home and loyal people surrounding my throne. Lil sis, these 3 months you embedded yourself in my life. Thanking you once aint enough. I’m a do it for life. #Accepted me at my lowest, you deserve my Best#. Love you lil sis, I might actually cry this visit.

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