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Beauty and the Night

Beauty and the Night

I stumbled up on a beautiful woman who had lost her sun and light

she said, “I really hate the stars who chased my sun into the night”.

She was almost like a garden that blossomed as she grew

without sun, water, or rain and without a wind that ever blew.

Once there were many roses in this garden until the petals fell

left only with stems and thorns she was still beautiful you could tell.

With nothing to keep this garden warm it withered away so slow

and everyone walked over her expecting her to never grow.

Until one foggy night loomed in and covered her inside his mist

engulfing her in his embrace that felt like a never ending kiss.

The same night that came in to chase away her day

well suddenly she enjoyed this night and wanted him to stay.

However this night knew that when it was cold she would never bloom

but as soon as the winter passed he knew that she would blossom soon.

And that's when she was most beautiful smoother than a cup of milk

her eyes were like fire and her hair poured down her back like silk.

She’s mysterious like a wind that comes then leaves while it still blows

she's baffling like a lightning bug that loses its light after it glows.

I stumbled upon a beautiful woman who was good enough to make him great

and now this beautiful garden of mine loves this night she used to hate.



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