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Gaylon Walbey, Jr. #01721549

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“To say my fate is not tied to your fate….

Greetings and Handshakes!!!

Here's hoping this message in a bottle finds you and yours doing well in these times of anti-reality movements and such.

What's in a name?

They (who's they?) say everything, but don't let my weirdo name fool ya - I'm not gay!  If you've never heard Johnny Cash’s, “A Boy Named Sue”, YouTube it.  It's how I feel!

Have you ever been someone's agent?  No, not agent provocateur! - Stop playing!  An actual agent.  No, not like double 007 either!  Why you playing?  No?  Don't feel bad, neither have I. However, from what I gather, it doesn't require experience or training as much as it requires that you believe in the person you're representing in the marketplace of ideas.

I need agents.   Bad.

I keep conceiving viable ideas:  Apps, TV shows, pet products, literary, etc.  If I don't start acting on them, I'm a spontaneously combust!  No, not fart - that's just a gas leak, which goes poof!  Not KABOOM!

I'm being cereal…..don't laugh at me!

I'm the extremely creative type, but sometimes I get dyslexic.  Creativity is my drug of choice and I'd like to be even more creative.  From writing to composing, graphic design, photo illustration, building, architecture, clothing, shoes, electronics, bicycles, complex problem solving, social and psychological justice, and everywhere in between.  I've recently realized I'm missing two essential types in my life who take creative types to the next level: muse and agent/manager.  Some are both.

As a creative with no shortage of ideas for a range of industries, I am looking to compete in that marketplace of ideas by leveraging my passion for creativity, but it's doors are quite difficult to open wearing handcuffs in back!   Having advocates like you in my corner, bent on opening doors for me, would level the playing field - a playing field intentionally rendered off kilter by a prison system that frowns upon, stifles, and even stomps out, the flames of creatives and excel while offering or permitting zero creativity vectors for 99% of it’s population, unless you count five items of third world kindergarten art supplies.  Believe me when I say the work I'm displaying here absolutely outrages the prison administrators because it stands in sharp contrast to what they tell you I am: worthless.  It's an extremely successful false narrative that has served them well and it's predetermined agenda of marginalization and political point scoring.   It's why they decry prisoner creativity - evidence of the lie.  In their successful efforts to curtail creativity, they disguise the inhumane oppression as legitimate policy initiatives while cementing their status as a great mental illness exacerbator.  The prison system is to mental illness what mosquitoes are to Zika.

I'm posting a few drawings of my wheel designs, (I'm from Houston, which explains their audacity!) and three versions I drew of my Cadillac Fleetwood conceptual design.  I began working on this car and its product and marketing synopsis way back in 2000.   In 2018 I was targeted - for these second time - by upper echelon prison officials who forcefully stopped me from further developing it to present to Cadillac.

The Fleetwood S is aimed at the venerable Rolls Royce Phantom.  The Fleetwood Brougham DLX (Deluxe) is aimed far above that.  All three examples feature industry first rear passenger mirrors, and industry first static wheel covers (like some of the aforementioned wheel designs) on industry first 26 through 30 inch wheels.  There's an SUV, too. 

Cadillac’s only opportunity for self-redemption is to start over at Henry Leland’s vision over a century ago when Cadillac was literally the standard of the world.  This car is that opportunity.  It is a car that the world has been expecting Cadillac to soar out of the ashes on for years, but Cadillac seems to have forgotten it is actually Cadillac.

That's like Game of Thrones forgetting it is Game of Thrones.

Oh, wait….it did, huh?

Changing the channel, I am a severe mental illness survivor.  One of my disorders was suicide until 2013.  My mother has attempted suicide multiple times and my father committed suicide in 2001 in prison.  I have ideas to help others survive on large scales.

I've been incarcerated 26 years flat for the charge of capital murder - 15 of that was on death row.  I'm sorry for what I did; that I took a life tortures me, however killing isn't always murder:  At that time, I was a severely mentally ill child who's circumstances went beyond my control.  As a result, so did my mind.

I am currently writing a book titled “Please Adopt Me:  I'll be good”:  Res Ipsa Loquitur, (PAM for short) on my life story, my case, and the immutable nexus therein to prove temporary insanity ahead of a new trial.  Mine is one of those classic rail-roading cases that has yet to come to light. 

It is my observation that society is on the precupice of a psychology revolution.  (partly in response to said anti reality movements).  Psychology will become more influential than DNA in criminal justice and give rise to Psychological justice, as criminal justice has been showing it’s age for a while now.  Example:  Which would be more effective, a million dollar’s worth of punishment, or fifty thousand worth of therapy?  Therapy will be to punishment what Netflix is to Blockbuster video.

I am always looking to connect with those familiar with book writing software to assist me with piecing PAM together - I am meticulous and particular with it.

I taught myself to draw and design in prison.  To bring PAM voice, I'm teaching myself creative writing.  I need musas to focus on to optimize this process and develop an articulation style that resonates.

The world, as we are witnessing, is full of trolls at every level - online and off - serving as ever deafening echoes and loops of the past, doing their best worst to keep history on repeat and sully the future.  This is what I'm laboring against as I patiently struggle for the freedom I am owed.  I am experiencing a pattern of being trolled by the mailroom staff here, so please get at me as suggested, but also back it up at my email address. (  Thanks

In closing, on a lighter note, you're about to communicate with a real goofball.  With friends, I'm always thinking toward a punch line as a way to pull fun out of thin air – Voila! -  and engage in a light hearted, high-energy way, because laughter is the best medicine when trolls make us sick.  I've discovered I am a wellspring of limitless positive energy and I'd like to share it.

Later, alligator!

Gay (Not!) Lon

….is like saying “your end of the boat is sinking!!!”    Hugh Downs



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Gaylon Walbey, Jr. #01721549
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