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Gerardo Martinez

When I look in the mirror, what do I see?   A young man who looks just like me.

It must be me, this much I know, the places he's been, I don't wish to go.

I stare in his eyes and see silent rage from years of being trapped in a cage.

I know this place can change a man

I've learned this first-hand, trust me, it can.

Live day for day, that's all I can do,

looking for love I get from so few.

The game of life is not easily won;

it's definitely much easier said than done.

Enough talk, it's time to change my ways and make my future hold brighter days.

The next time I see my own reflection, I want to smile with love and affection.

The next time you look into a crowd, you'll see me shining, head up, proud.

The man in the mirror's life has been rough,

but that's in the past, I've had enough.


Gerardo Martinez

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