Mi Vida Loca

In some Gents eyes, love is but a game, Perro not everyone in este vida sees things quite the same.

Everyone has an oldie, that special song for all the good in life, perro especially the wrong.

At times life seems unfair. It’s as though at times no one really cares. 

People are lucky to even have a friend, that special someone who will stand beside them to the very end.

Gracias a dios for everything he has done. I know everything in este vida isn't all fun.

I know everybody goes through troubled times especially those who have committed these crazy crimes.

I know I’m not perfect in everyone’s eyes perro even I hurt when somebody cries.

I’ve tried many times to change my crazy ways perro.

All I do now is sit and pass the days, I know what goes around comes around perro.

You never think about it till your the one on the ground.

I regret some of the things that I have done perro en ese tiempo it all seemed like so much fun.

I’d like to say I’m sorry to those I have hurt especially those who say they actually cared.

You could take mi vida but never my pride.

I am not the man to run and hide.

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