I'm no different | Write a Prisoner


I'm no different

The people around you don’t seem to care anymore

So much lies and secrets you wonder what friends are for

Nobody to talk with because their hearts are closed

They make jokes, you shed a tear and feel so alone


I’m no different, I’m just like you

In my moments of despair I don’t know what to do

Our paths are parallel, like your social-net site

I stare at my wall feeling the need to be liked


You stare into the mirror and only see what people hate

Imperfections you wanna change, never now but someday

Comments from a boy complimenting your bottom part

You smile but wish deep a man would see your loving heart


I’m no different, I feel I’m the same

People see my case and look at me in shame

Girls looking for a dream complimenting my tatted look

Never guessing I like country music and read romance books


You spend the day wondering when your true love will arrive

Then spend the whole night wondering if he’ll ever leave your side

You question yourself feeling you are just so complicated

Deserve better, but consider a jerk you once dated


I’m no different, but it’s time for something new

A friendship that’s real or a love that’s pure and true

Take my heart and understand it as I will do the same

Not very much to lose but each other we will gain