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For Them

For Them

Having to live with this on my conscience, haunting me on a daily basis,

bringing me uncontrollable emotions, picturing the disappointment on their faces.

Maybe God missed something, something that He had in His vision

to disappoint and hurt the ones I love, there's gotta be something missin.

You can't possibly imagine how it feels, to know that everybody’s slippin away,

when all you have are promises….promises that you vow to keep one day.

Words can be so cold on paper, but could you really picture my grief?

The torture of your family living without you, damages you deeply beyond belief.

How could society label me, and say that I don't have a heart?

a good kid, bad decisions, that ended his youth before it could start.

No fault on my mother, she was a good example, and did all she could,

seeing desperation in her face when she knew I was hypnotized by the hood.

My loved ones always looking at who I am, and not the actions that were committed,

many times falsely accused, but would still love me if I did it.

So how could I not live for them, and put all this madness away?

After 19 years, if I can't answer that question, I might as well reside where I stay.





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