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Gregory Tate #H-68500

“Traveling Man”
I’ve traveled the world from Africa, to Mecca, Russia, Europe,
Brazil, Jamaica and Japan –
I’m known around the world as the traveling man.

I’ve experienced the unknown and heard the untold
I grasp knowledge and game from all my encounters,
To the young and from the old.

I swam the icy Antarctic with great white sharks,
And killer whales –
I went on hunts with lions for gazelles.

I’ve climbed the highest trees and mountains with
Silverback ghetto guerrillas –
Walked and talked on prison yards, with all kinds of killas.

I made steel, slept on diamonds and rubies in
The darkest pits of the earth –
I’ve nurtured crack babies crying and shaking before
They were exposed at birth.

I’ve taken showers on the moon, went to barbecues
On the sun –
I’ve partied the night away with women on the planet Saturn.

I’ve eaten raw seal and polar bear meat with
Eskimos –
I slept in places where the bravest gangstas wouldn’t dare to go.

I’ve watched over ladies who work the streets
At night,
Selling their precious black bodies to make ends meet
And feed their babies right.

I’ve taken stray bullets for innocent children at
Play, caught in the middle of drive-bys –
I’ve watched political trials and brothers and sisters
Are convicted -  

White District Attorneys, police and snitches tell lists of lies.

I sat in the White House oval office as president’s
plotted destruction and corruption –
Went in prison cells as George Jackson planned
To liberate the people with resurrection.

I assisted Sistah Assata Shakur in her quest
To prevail from the cell –
We disappeared in the darkness of the night
Without leaving a trail.

I went to the home of God, when the story of
The world was first being told –
Wrote out in ancient hieroglyphics on clouds
Of gold –
Went into the black jungles of Sudan where
Africans are Still being sold.

In the midst of a hell storm –
Warriors, revolutionaries, kings, queens, scientists, mothers,
Fathers, liberators and children are born.

I’m the traveling man, there’s no other like me,
I’m one of a kind –
I know you’re first and last thoughts, before
They enter your mind.

I’m the traveling man, your subconscious mind,
The beginning and end, but not hard to find.

By AKA G-Man



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