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Amora Bella

I'm thinking that I could be drifting or maybe dreaming.. Coming to all my senses, I notice that I'm swimming. Clearly this state of being is new to my liking. There has to be a way to hold this entangling silence, Or is it this that which we akin to love at first sight? To everyone she is love... And yet I ponder an other beautiful aspect of what it is to understand 'Beauty'. Like I was eye to eye with every man's deepest fantasy. She is felt .. so much deeper than just a caress. All in that moment I find a delicate balance of offering an aspect of appreciation that she hasn't already felt. This is an ancient treasure indeed.. At first when felt, this phenomenon will shock the senses. What is felt when he touch her perfect lips to his.. Love then overflows and she is disperse into E-motion, that has been long felt by men these days. In that instance of a glance you already know.. Some say once in a lifetime.. I made the mistake as I was blinded by desire and lost it in, the only logical reaction to what I was feeling. and understanding saturated my very being... I realised that I was completely lost and I had her,... MIS-UNDERSTOOD

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