I'm in Prison | Write a Prisoner


I'm in Prison
Hey, look at me, I'm in prison, big deal, the walls of
Societal retribution keep me contained in a small
Confined space but I won’t be miserable about it. 
They feed me three meals a day, what can I say?
The convict’s norm is to gripe and complain,
But that won’t lessen my plight.
I won’t be like the many who cite abuses and misuses and
Ignores the cause of the effect,
Yeah, I'm in prison where you can’t see who the gangsta’ is
Or who the real men be, got us locked down but still
We move around, around and play the game like we
Ain’t gone,
Jones in this Jones’ in that, still stuck in a corner
Trying to flip that stack,
Mo’ killa’s in here, so I gotta be slick,
Got on the internet and see if I hit.
It aint always like that though, some get in and learn
They don’t want no mo, turn they life round and grow,
They givin’ out degrees up in here, so
I’d be a fool not to up my stock,
And give this education thing a shot.
Yeah, in prison I learned something new
What they say about “Knowledge is power” is true,
I come to realize this aint new at all, just new to me
And I refused to be, the same ol’ me that I used to be
You can look at me and see, I might be in prison
But prison aint in me.