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Indian Leider #54791


Them ride or dies, if you ever meet one. They say all they have is loyalty, the live in the bad, but mean nothing but good. They know loyal to the game, promising to get enough of your respect to share the same last name. It’s a blessing from God to have a little rider by your side, because through the thick and thin, the rich and poor, words stay said, and won’t ever walk out that door. You’ll understand; A thug’s love is really hardcore. They don’t have to argue to make their point, proving it. When their love is in the joint. You’ll be surprised, they’ll hold it down behind bars over the phone, you’ll know you aren’t doing time alone. Them ride or dies, living it with or without politics. They’ll be loving you even after they win or lose wicked fights under those reservation or city lights. They’ll give you goosebumps kissing on your open wounds, holding you under the brightest moon. Them ride or dies. If you’re ever loved by one, keep that fire strong. Never do that person any wrong, because if you lose years of your life to the game, you’ll be like some of us in here with almost nothing to be named. So, keep that fire, stay lit because loyalty is really part of the game. Them ride or dies, if you ever meet one.

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