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We must educate ourselves

By learning all that we can while incarcerated

Then we must employ our education

Exploiting it to the point to the point that it becomes a slave to our success

In this way

When we have the opportunity

We can give back what we have taken away

From our families and communities

Proven facts

We cannot defeat ignorance with ignorance

For ignorance in itself is counterproductive

To both constructive and corrective change

Our goal

Eliminate the limited amount of knowledge

Many of us possess

Like speaking of the ghetto

Folks speak of the ghetto and make reference to a place

To us – the people

Ghetto is a culture, a never-ending generation

Not a geographical location

But a people

Not an ethnic group but the people!

Strength in the people comes from within the people

We can feel about you the way that you feel about us

We could hate you for you hate us

Instead, we chose to love you


Love you with the same strength you use to hate us

But one thing will always be

We will always be


Who are we?

We are who I am

I am communication

I am direction

I am a vehicle

In which we learn to navigate life’s intersections

I am a road which leads the people to lead

Not in the sense of lusting for position

But taking our position against the odds

The opposition

Which is ignorance

Ignorance divides

And regardless of the reasons

To be divided is division

Let’s incorporate unity as our structure

This will increase peaceful living

Political democracy


Social justice

Equitable solutions on behalf of change

Through life’s evolution

Shall I explain my intent?

Not to overthrow a government

But to change minds


The government will change with changed minds

Advance education, for education is a must

I am a present-day thinker who understands

All wars aren’t physical and won by the gun

I am who we are

I am change.

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