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James Hendrix II

All things happen for a purpose and reason, just as God made the world and change of the seasons. Even my heart bleeding from this pens ink to this paper your eyes were chosen to read them, so these words from God threw me, I can give ones life a whole new meaning. Something to show, so you now can know! You're not alone, in this cold dying world my heart with yours is also beating. It now makes sense what they say "seeing is believing" some reasons are beautiful, healing and miracles. Others are unbearable, heart breaking and terrible. Good, bad, happy or sad there is a reason. Hearts are broken to heal and be stronger. Now when that greater love comes that heart is now capable to honor and see reasons?? It's now on you to take these reasons and know their value to allow them to make you like God made diamonds or they can break you like man made pipes...therefore you must embrace the struggle in reasons cause it is the creator of real strength and true beauty. When diamonds are pulled out of the ground the look like a dirty piece of glass it's your responsibility to bring them to their eye catching beautiful light absorbing and reflecting potential. They are not easy to cut polish and shine. When cutting, one grain of sand can completely shatter the stone. It takes precise precision, perfect pressure and gentleness when moving and handling the diamond. Anything in mans world/hands you can never guarantee or fully trust..we are defaulted as human beings cause we always think twice, it bred into us for means of survival..see examples of reasons? Pressure makes God made diamonds and breaks man made pipes. So what's your purpose in this life after these reasons going to be? Used and abused by man and left broken?! Or trust God my father with the diamond/soul in his hand and shine like I AM Im hoping...remember many were called only a few were chosen...these are from God and us alone not from no book or someone else and i don't talk what do they call it "game" I speak only LIFE! And I pray its used and appreciated. I'm a child of the light in a search for those alike i I shine but together we'll be almost blinding bright visible in the whole world sight.....

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