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James Ingram


I take my focus serious, due to focus being my energy, that very focus helped to define who I am today.  I've gained an understanding of myself.  I've set goals and promised to see them through until the end.  I stand for what is positive.  Join the fight for what I know is right.  I am encouraged by those who wish me well and want me to succeed.  I've chosen never to lead in negative.  I know life so, I strive to have love surrounding me at all times.  I wish to give to the deserving, the respect I embody.   I cherish family and HONOR LOYALTY!    Generous to a fault, yet, physically conscious enough to prepare for the future.  I take comfort in listening.  It's proven to be a tool of learning.  Yet, when I speak, I prefer to be taken serious.   I practice anything I preach.  The gist of this thought is simple:  I'm defining a man.  A simple man, with a simple plan.  Simply being the man he can be, in a not-so-simple world.   A man confident enough to admit he's simple.  My complexities are not to be considered hardless.   They are my truths.

By James Ingram

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