James Leach

Ayelet Ha Shakar

(“Morningstar or Deer of the Dawn”)

Who would you be, if I knew who you were?

That YHWH must come first in your heart, that much is sure;

faithful and loving, that my heart be secure.

A warrior, a princess, and fearless in faith,

with wisdom and insight... trusting husband in the gates.

For the road that I walk is a hard one to bear,

the greatest of prices - you must be willing to share.

Virtuous and industrious, working willingly hand-in-hand,

to bring Yah's adventure alive in our hands.

A guard to my heart - the rib of my flesh,

who will fight for our life with every last breath.

The other half of my soul, the heart within me,

two as one flesh, as was meant always to be.

Loving wife and kind mother, best friend and companion,

who strives for my heart and won't settle for mammon.

Challenging thoughts and spiritual intents,

honing our skills; for Messiah's blood that is spent.

Overcoming all obstacles that stand in our way,

believing in me - above and beyond to The Day...

Following Messiah, though the Way may be strange,

unto adventures unending, and happy to stay.

Adroit in the truth, delighting in Torah; behind and before.

Genuine ne-vee-ah, loving and living our life in His power,

a new tent shared evermore.

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