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It is said that forgiveness is a sense of mercy based on the emotional concept which is given from one heart to another. Forgiveness is asked for, due to the unexpected, or untimely error, regret, or feelings which shouldn’t be harbored any further, to a measurable theory it is thought or said that to he who is without sin to cast the first stone. That perfection lies within the arms of our Lord Almighty, and that we all have fallen short to some degree and have all made at least one decision that was wrong. In reality, there is no way to push undo, or to take back an indecision, a wrong choice, or a mistake in which one made. No way to apologize to the world that you’re sorry, and that you regret, and hurt deep down inside for the way you’ve behaved. There is no way that you can fix or repair a broken and priceless vase, which has value beyond any measure. There’s no price on the value of life as we know it, which is compared to that of an invaluable treasure. All one can do is pray to God for upliftment, to ascend, to elevate, and to improve himself in this world as a man, and pray that God increases one’s values in life, that he enhances one, and continues to carry one. Like the poem written says: “Footsteps in the sand.”

– Written by James Arnold Porter.

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