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Jamin Knighten #01650155

Needing His Help

Lord I know I’m not right and I need help
Suffocating all my life and I need breath
I done spent entire nights trying to please flesh
Only reaping what I sow but, I’m seedless
Heed this, I can’t express it, can’t suppress it, it’s contradictive
Receiving blessings and then I’m stressing I’m so conflicted
I hear the reverend teaching lesson, I get the message
Then leave his presence, spirits lifted, but nothings different
So I roll a lil wake and bake, pour a lil four to drink
Tell the Lord this the last one when we both know it aint
Who you think you talking to? I the fool is really you
Making others suffer with your actions and your ridicule
Need to grow and elevate, turn the cheek the other way
The best part of waking up is waking up another day
I’m not right I know I aint
On my own I know I can’t
God is callin out to you, In Jesus name I really pray.



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