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Jason Miears #01729946

Jason Miears


Thanksgiving is here and I just want to write I am so thankful for my Mom and best friend, Sharise.   Their love is never ending and I am so happy I have them in my life.

Since I last wrote I had another big appeal win.  A murder case I have been working on for 8 years got granted a certificate of appealability on a brief I did in the 5th  Circuit Federal Appellate Court.   The court also in a rare move granted him an attorney.   With that order some high dollar attorneys from Washington, DC took his case up.   I am eager to see how his appeal turns out.

Ever since I entered prison I have always been an advocate that people deserve effective assistance of counsel.   Our courts are so screwed up in the plea-bargain system it isn’t even funny.   I can remember when I was 10 years old and went to a comic bookstore to return a comic book I never stole and apologized to the manager.   I did that all to appease my Dad and his anger strikes.   Why did I admit to something I never did still bothers me today.   Each time I think about it I tell myself I wish I had an effective criminal defense lawyer stand up for me.   Knowing how people can get caught up with injustice, I try to help the people in here who have fallen into the cracks.

Jason Miears


Jason Miears #01729946



Halloween and Fall are back and just enjoying the lovely weather. Has anyone ever experienced any paranormal or mysterious activities this time of year? I would love to hear anyone’s stories.

About five years ago in 2013 I had an unusual experience from the other side. It was late at night and I was in F Wing Cell 65 and I think I had an encounter with a ghost. At 3AM when officers were opening up the doors for early morning chow, some force threw open my door with a mighty push. I got up as the door slamming open was so loud. But after looking out, no one was ever even near it. After telling different people about it, I learned I was not the first to experience weird things in that cell. Other people who once lived there swear up and down that cell 65 is haunted and thought a ghost was playing tricks in there. Books falling off the table for no apparent reason, lights coming on when they shouldn’t, and its doors opening like the experience I had. The only thing I can come up with is that some poor prisoner’s soul is stuck in the between realms and can’t find its way to the light.

I would love to hear anyone’s thoughts on this subject or any other paranormal stories you would be willing to share.

Happy Autumn, Halloween and Thanksgiving.



I had a big win in the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals this past month.  On June 27th, 2018 the CCA reversed and set aside 5 of my friends convictions in which he had 3 life sentences without parole and another 720 years.  The appeal I did for him took over 4 years.  Astonishingly since the courts took so long he has a lot going for him.  Back in 2015 a constable in Harris County was in charge of organizing the evidence room and he mistakenly threw away evidence in old cases.  His was included.  I expect the Harris County D.A's office to come at him with a good plea deal or there is a good chance he will be acquitted as his case is over 10 years old. 

Another case I hope gets decided soon is for an appeal I did out of Texarkana.  My friend asserted at trial and for 8 years another person committed his crime.  The D.A. denied knowledge of having information about someone else being accused.  Well low and behold we were able to get a hold of a police report where the police had another suspect but dismissed their charge because my fiend had been arrested.  I filed a writ for him in 2016 on prosecutorial misconduct and the court appointed him an attorney.  Hopefully they will reverse his case within this year. 

I really enjoy helping people with their appeals in here. 





My Love of the Season of Fall~~

My favorite season out of the year is Fall. I love how the weather changes and the crisp cool wind bring a Hot Summer to an end.

Every time October comes around I feel a special excitement in the air. Memories of pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread, Halloween, Thanksgiving all make me smile.

Halloween is my favorite holidays of the year. I always looked forward to ‘trick or treating’ as a kid, and then even as growing into an adult I loved going to haunted houses and Halloween parties near October 31st. I loved to watch on television during the Fall/Halloween season all the Boo movies and cartoon specials. Who can’t relate or get a good laugh from Casper the Friendly Ghost or Beetle Juice?

If I were out right now I would love to decorate the house with Halloween decorations. I would also love to carve Jack-o-lanterns out of a patch of pumpkins. Even though I’m in prison nothing has deterred me from my love of this season. I love all the Halloween cards my mom sends me, and call me weird but I try and decorate the cell with them in the spirit of Fall.

I would love to hear someone’s thoughts on this beautiful season.

My Hobby and Love of Dreams


One hobby I have found in here is the study and interpretation of dreams. I have never found what most people find interesting in here. Gambling, sports, television…but what has kept me busy is the study of my dreams. Ever since my mom got me books 4 years ago on interpreting dreams, I found the unconscious mind surreal. The intense irrational reality of dreams has always made me wonder what they were really all about. After intense study and writing my dreams down after waking up, I realized our unconscious mind tries to tell us indirectly about what we need to know about our waking life. After being able to memorize and recall dreams I eventually learned how to lucid dream. It is interesting how we can actually become conscious that we are actually dreaming.

My only negative aspect is the nightmare. Sometimes the worrying endured in prison causes intense dreams to be frightening. What helps me though from these is realizing that just like this life we will all eventually wake up and realize the true nature of reality. One day at a time. One dream at a time…I would love to hear other people’s thoughts on dreams.



Recently a friend of mine who has three life sentences without parole came back from a bench warrant on an appeal/writ of habeas corpus I did for him. Currently we are waiting on an answer from the higher court’s approving the trial court’s recommending vacating his convictions. It looks good but I know it is far from over.

With new laws in Texas it is making it harder for prisoner’s dealing with the criminal justice system to obtain relief. Within the last decade Texas has implemented the punishment of life without parole not just for murder but for other designated crimes. According to a recent Texas Monthly Magazine article I read approximately one hundred prisoners receive this sentence within a given year. Although life without parole has significantly decreased the assessment of the death penalty it has caused Texas a tremendous problem. How is it to handle the influx of inmates that have no possibility of ever being released? Do people really believe no one should ever get a second chance?

Either way I am glad I have the opportunity to help people on their legal work in here. There is no expression I can relay of how it feels to see a person’s reaction to the state conceding to your argument that your friend’s life sentence should possibly be vacated.

Things I Can’t Control


Prison life is far from easy. You like to think you are in control of everything but you can’t control forced interaction. This past weekend I ended up in the hospital with a broken nose, a split lip and two black eyes from getting in a fight with my cellie. I’m not a fighter by any means but my old cellie was a psychotic nut job who went on an episode and I was unfortunately the one forced to fight back in defending myself. As I sit in an isolation cell in transit waiting to go back to population I think about all the poor people forced to share a cell with the worst, heartless human beings. In the world you can just turn your cheek but in here sometimes you get the bad end of the stick and are sleeping with a cold hearted murderer that is pure evil. The way some of these people behave just kills me. Pure animals. It’s hard to find normal people in here but the few that are in here I’m sticking close to. I hope to write people who can actually understand some of what goes on in here and not believe others when they say life is all gravy in here.

I Appreciate the Letters!


Expressing myself can be hard for me. But writing somehow relieves negative tension. Day after day the same routine occurs. The constant repetitive nature of prison can drive you insane. I am thankful that this website has brought me to meet a few interesting people, and receive some nice pictures. I am especially thankful for the people who are non-judgmental and open spiritually to new beginnings. I am always open to making new friends, and never judge someone by their past alone. The lifestyle in here is sometimes hard for people to relate to, and I love when there are people who can sympathize with practices in prison they have never experienced. I love nature and am always first out when they call

outside recreation. Despite popular misconception, my prison does not call it that often, even though the law says they are supposed to. There can not be much compensation for the loss, but I do say receiving letters and pictures in the mail makes me feel just a little bit "free". Again, I thank the people who take the time to write. Jason

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