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Snowfall upon children

All around nothing but white

But everywhere you look, you can see signs of life

A snowman dressed with grandpa’s old clothes

The little children make Frosty with a smiling pose

The joy of life can never be more present

The presence of snow is always its own link

It shows us there is more to life than we idly think


As a blizzard prevents all work and movement

Children are free to play with nature freely

To take it a minute at a time

Building sleighs, angels, and snowballs

Parents laugh and reminisce as they recall

Their life, their stories, their own meaning

They see the little ones they used to be


If there was ever a time to be happy

Snow always knows when to come

Christmas at home

With the spirit of Jesus, they are never alone

The hearts of children remember love

As momma – Santa brings forth a bundle of toys

Children remember with snowfall comes joy


*I love writing about the seasons. This poem was published in a poetry anthology back in 8/3/15.*

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