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Javier Medina

“Today I touch base with a friend, hoping she can hear me”

Tomorrow I wait for the day I touchdown, and she meets the real me

True men do exist, yet they’re hard to find

Someone with the Heart of Gold, so real, so kind

Everyone has flaws and imperfections, no one is perfect

But when we learn to see through the physical, we are perfectly imperfect

In our own ways we share our minds with others

Many fail to realize the Jewelz and Gold waiting to be discovered

Even a man bred in a cold world needs someone to love

Behind all the scars and tattoos, his body craves for a hug

Someone to hold on to through these rainy nights

Until the moon clocks out, and the sun shines bright..


Before you go, allow me to make that change

because you probably want to leave, but your mind wants to stay

Before you go, try to go against the grain

and maybe you’ll feel like dancing in the rain

Before you go, why don’t you come my way

so we can paint the world as bright as day

Before you go, understand my intentions are pure

God is the greatest, so I AM great, and more..

(Peace and Blessings)

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