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The Walk-In

My body shivers in the moonlight

And my breath looks like spirits floating by.

As the dying embers of a long burning flame

Dissipate into the cold night sky.


The rhythm of my heart shows its beat

As death of silence lingers about.

Hoping beyond hope and more

That I can overcome this persisting doubt.


The numbness courses throughout my body

I cannot feel my hands or feet,

I refuse to give up so easily

And give into this defeat.


I wish to scream out into this night

Until my voice is found,

But the cold is so very cold

And the freeze has me bound.


I long to be back to where I was before this perilous night.

Back in the warmth out of this cold

And away from death’s delight.


The icy cold frozen grasp of death

As I struggle to catch my breath,

Tightens so tightly around my chest

As I lie upon my frozen rest.


A flash before me blinds my eyes

And voices I hear about,

I focus my eyes to see what I see

As I try to begin to shout.


You sons-a-b*****s, you got me again.

I swear there won’t be a third.

I fell for it once so shame on me.

You’ll all get yours, you heard?


Now stop all of your laughing

Your trickery and your teasers,

Open this damn door

And get me out of this walk-in freezer.

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