Real Recognize Real

Real Recognize Real
You can either take my hand or take my word for it
If you're gonna play these corners caused the streets are slippery
And if you aint got nobody to guide you thru them
Then your fall for whatever it has to offer
I only know because of the niggas that came before me
They was getting seasoned while I was thawing out
Then they passed the game down to me
It was free, I just had to pay attention
But I don't look at it like I just bought into it
Cause it was an instrument and it allows me to avoid the unnecessary
And enjoy the fruits from the seeds that I've planted
Granted I don't know everything
But I know enough to help you understand what you already don't like...
Don't do it if the risk is greater than the reward
In mind your business
Understand the difference between a witness and a snitch
Almost identical in principle
Raise this question to yourself the next time you get caught up
And only thinking of yourself
Let the detectives do detective work
I mean why slave over the stove
Cooking that work to feed your family
If you're only going to spill the beans anyway
The games are dirty but you aint got to wallow in it with the pigs
Your only free to make choices
But you're not free from the consequences of those choices you make
Integrity is pool important when you're sorting through life to see who's loyal
Whatever it is, you won't find it if you don't know what it looks like
You'll only recognize it if you look at it and see a reflection of yourself - another words...
Real Recognize Real

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