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Could You?

(This poem depicts several key figures in the Civil Rights Movement. From Nat Turner, Martin Luther King, to Emmet Till. 

For every word in this poem, it’s a message behind their meaning that we as a people come through a world of hate and violence. But we made it out and we overcame it. However, a lot of great people lost their lives beginning justice and equality to an unjust world.)

Forced to walk behind him, Told to sit behind them can I stand-up Wake-Up will anybody rise up for me, Can I one day have a dream, Can my words empower you like Martin Luther Kings Most importantly brothers and sisters does your heritage inspire you like it does me.

Please don’t be ashamed by the way that I act, because inside me My Heart Beats Black

Could you allow yourself to be beaten, hanged, or hosed… Could you die for a cause far greater than your on...Could you be a Nat Turner and preach hiding behind a disguise rocking them to sleep

If your church was burned and your babies died. Would you stop fighting for your freedom Would you  even try.

If I looked in you eyes mmm-mmm mmm and whistled when you walk by...Does that justify taking my life Does that make you right for putting us through all this pain struggle and strife.

Could you overcome the injustice the hate the violence from another race Could you boycott the bus stops and make the city pay Could you march from Mississippi to Alabama to Memphis Tennessee. Silently non-violently wanting to be free…

Could you?

Could you?

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