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Piece by Piece

To shackle me in chains… sailing to a new world placing collars on our brains… To take me away from all I know and put on an auction block. Sold as part of the show…

To be drawn like cattle and sent to the field let’s work these N----- til they die or they lose their will…

I have ro run I was born free with an intellectual mind and a language you can’t speak… As the time fly and a hundred years passes by I open my eyes and I find myself Equal no knowing the depredations of the past or how many of my ancestors lives was lost just so this moment would last…

You refuse to see the Martin Luther King that’s in me to understand his purpose is to recognize his dreams that there Justice and Equality back then wasn’t always what it seemed.

So Every Race if you woke up a hundred years back in time. Do you think that you could survive feeding your families on the worst of the swine working six days a week and for Free...Shhh… Not me

Watching your family being sold off piece by piece.

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