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Covid Who

Covid Who?

I believe it's times like these that one must endure

In order to be stronger even if there's not a cure.

But one must understand, we are not of weak structure

So do not give up until it's full departure.

See, we live in a society where we were never taught

Bio-chemical warfare is real, is it not?

We have experienced many things, but none like such other

I can't even get a hug, 6 feet away from my Mother.

But who am I to complain because this world is such a wonder?

My condolences to those whose loved ones are 6 feet under.

We should take this as a sign, we are not bulletproof

Eventually one bullet is capable to go through.

So we must learn from this event, and prepare for whatever

Because one thing I learned, it's gonna get worse before it gets better.

I just pray that everyone can see this as a way

To be closer to those you love, cherish what you can today.

And for those who are lost, I just want you to know

Whatever you are going through, you are not alone.

There are people willing to help you, people like me

We haven't lost a war yet, so why do it for COVID-19?


Jessy Orozco



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