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Jimmy Hull #01262122

What If
What if life only knew life
And light and night gave birth to joy
And joy gave every woman a golden apple
With the name of the perfect man –
Made in the image that she’d prefer

What if
What if he was wise and knew the secret of the wind
And where life began, and every flower
Spoke of joy as a friend
What if happiness
Came in the form of a wedding ring
Where inside be fruitful was ingrained
And for every child the sky dripped candy rain

What if
What if water was sweet
And every street to the traveler could speak
What if dreams were for sale
Fresh from the wishing well – who would you tell?

What if
What if the sky played the cello
And the sun sang for all of mankind –
Would you sing along?

What if
What if cotton candy kisses
Were the only kind
And love baby sat the children of the world –
And talent was distributed
Equally between boy and girl
Yeah, what if –
Would not that be
The perfect world.

By: Jimmy C. Hull


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