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These Eyes Have Seen

These eyes have seen the worst of life and a little of the best. I’ll always be who I am.
These eyes have seen gang wars that ended with people dying in the street, for what reason we’d taken another man’s life.
These eyes have seen broken homes and shattered dreams due to habitual drug use. Mom or Dad getting high is not an excuse.
These eyes have seen prison cells from the inside looking out, vowing never to return, but always ending up back in jail somehow.
These eyes have seen relationships broken with our children, which we brought into the world. There is no greater joy than to have a baby boy or girl.
These eyes have seen the world – the high and low, the good and bad. These eyes have seen the work of Satan.
But through it all these eyes have seen the grace of God. His mercy and His unconditional love and power. God will make the way if I keep these eyes on God above. No matter how much these eyes have seen, someone, somewhere has seen more. My eyes are on God Almighty.


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