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Joseph Eatmon #615449

“Too Shy To Speak”

Dam! Dam! Dam! My lips have failed to speak for me again! Are you a man? Yes! Yes I am! Well then, just tell her, tell her how you feel. I’ve tried! But I can’t! She’s too beautiful and intelligent and kind to me to where I’m scared! But in my mind I’m totally convinced she’s the one for me. What if she doesn’t like you? She will I believe! And how do you know this? Okay! You may be right, so I will just be silent and let her pass me by. No! No! No! My heart yells out to me and still she walks by, but my lips don’t say a thing. Dam! Dam! Dam! I’m back cursing myself out again, while looking in the mirror at the reflection of I am. I run my hand across my head and grab my hair in my fist tight. Mad at myself, and wishing it could be her I hold in my arms this tightly.

Oh, how I would love and cherish her for life and joyfully make her my wifey! If only my lips could convey how I feel, I’m sure she’ll be delighted. Now as clever as I am, I’d come up with a plan, and throw a party at my estate. I invited some people with the woman I love in a letter saying: Don’t be late. The party was great, all my guests had arrived and she was filled with delight. At the end of the party she was the last to kiss me and say goodnight. While turning to leave she looked and asked, “Did I have something to say?” Why yes, I threw this party for you and gladly I would like you to stay. But to my surprise my lips said no, and sadly she walked away.

Too Shy To Speak.



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