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Caged Thoughts

Song – Only

Artist – NF.

Here I sit an innocent man,

Burned by a woman’s scorn,

My heart and soul torn.

All I ever wanted for in life,

Is a child and that of a wife,

Now as I fight to prove my innocence,

My son is left with fatherless nights,

All because of a vindictive woman’s felonious lies.

It’s said “A woman’s scorn hath no fury.”

Well let me stand as a witness for the jury,

That I now possess the evidence,

To prove that all along I was right,

And I will continue in this endless fight.

Song – I Miss the Days

Artist: NF

Here I sit all alone,

In this darkness of hell,

Fighting an unjust system,

Wondering will I ever prevail,

All because of a selfish woman’s insecurities.

All I ever need for in life,

Is to prove my innocence and win this fight,

So I can put an end to my son’s fatherless nights,

To hold him and mold him into a good man,

And be the best father that I can.

I could’ve took the plea,

That would’ve set me free,

But my innocence is more important to me,

So here I sit day and night,

Praying and hoping to see some light.

Song – No Regrets

Artist – Eminem

Caged Thoughts.

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