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Juan Reyes #A412-123


Right now it is so hard to go on. I can’t describe the lack of will I’ve to live. Something in my life has to change. Something has got to give. I can’t expect God to bail me out of my troubles. Most of them of which I’ve caused. God has witnessed everything from my manipulating and destruction, to my breaking laws.

I’ve sought out many types of resources to help me change. There has been some assistance but no one really thinks my lifestyle is wrong. Society has been programmed to believe that on the streets or in jail is where people like me belong.

I built the walls to my own prison. There is no one else to blame. Now I must find a way to free myself! I’ve to break the chains, but what is freedom really. Is it something I can look out the window and see?

If I call to it “Freedom”, will it abruptly respond? Can I reach out and touch freedom, hold it in my hand. I hope that all of those who find freedom will love, adulate and adore it, but most importantly I hope they will tell freedom that I too am looking for it!

Juan Reyes

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