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Justin Erskine

    Inhale the beach
    and see me there
    with you, as I do,
    just after the glow
    is shuttered and
    the finishing touches
    are put on the day.
    Last night you wore
    a blue sundress—only.
    Trailing you, following
    with my eyes the
    disruptions in the sand,
    as it called after your feet.
    The moon shone
    on your calves, stopping
    just at the knee
    where cotton danced
    a wicked tease,
    and clung to you,
    silhouetting my hunger.
    Twisting toward me
    on your toes, you reached
    your hand out to me
    with a grin that said
    you caught me :
    Looking. I'm always looking,
    aren't I?
    On lucky eves
    the next frame arrives
    and brings my hand
    to the small of your back,
    as I taste a hint of 
    the Atlantic on your lips —
    always the perfect amount;
    When you gasp, I feel 
    the electricity bridging
    all the space between us.
    Why do I never see
    how we land our backs on
    the sand, where the tide tickles
    our feet? Lying there
    with love more grand
    than the heavens.
    My hands on
    your hips as I drift
    away, and I watch
    your face, framed
    in the cosmos.

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