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Justin Jauhari #1194328

If U Were Mine…
If U were mine I’d study your heart until the beat is memorized
And demonstrate devotion through love exemplified.
I would be CEO to your sacred enterprise.
If U were mine…U would never ever be neglected.
Communication would be open, our lines would stay connected.
Your thoughts, ideas and feelings would always be respected.
Your views, opinions and goals would never be rejected.
If U were mine…I would gladly cherish the air U breathe.
I would conquer complications and care for U with ease.
My daily obligation would be to satisfy your needs, keep our
Hearts from aching and never try to leave.
If U were mine…I would help U understand some men are
Dependable. I’m not a selfish man. I may not be a King, rich with
Wealth and land, but I’d make U my Queen if U tell me I can.
If U were mine…I’d fulfill all your desires in just a matter of time.
I would penetrate U deeply like the axis in the earth and my
Strength would show in our child in birth. I am a loner so my
Qualities are only known by a few and these women of my past would
Say envy U don’t overlook this chance because the ride is free,
Just be yourself, keep it real and take this journey with me…
Stay sweet.



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