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Justin Tompkins #W108012

YK Osiris baby girl, are you worth it? If I had to pick the perfect song it’ll be Trey Songz, “Picture Perfect” cause to me your face is as bright as the sun and your eyes, they’re as beautiful as the sky above. Now you were sent like an angel from heaven to me, to take away my fears and to set me free. Now you weren’t my first true friend but hopefully my last. Hours and hours of conversation, I wish that you can forget my past for my past is long gone and it’s only your friendship that keeps me going on. I never want you to experience an ounce of pain and I never want those beautiful eyes to cry an ounce of rain. If I ever tell you that I love you, that’ll just be a short way of me saying I worship and cherish everything about you. Stronger and deeper our friendship’s gonna grow, brighter and purer our friendship’s gonna show. Long past time and this world that we know, just keep on doing what you’re doing and the progress is gonna show. I hope you enjoyed these words cuz they’re coming to an end, somebody once told me, “May the best man win” :)

Justin Tompkins

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