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Must read Terms of Service & Privacy Policy and be at least 18

Lakim Carney


When I Look into Your Eyes I See all the Forces of Nature. Surrounded by Angels Singing Sweet Melodies of Amazing Grace. Your Lips are Timeless. You are my Morning Noon and Night. No Gown or Dress Can Wear Your Voluptuous Curves You are a Physical Specimen That Will Put The Stars at dim. You Open up a Door in My Heart. When I Found You I Found Life and When I Saw You I Saw Love and When I kissed You I Kissed Heaven. Don’t Waste Your Beauty on Just Anyone. Your Beauty Deserves All That Someone’s has Got. Whoever that Someone is You Give it to. The Mountain peak of Mount Everest can’t Amount to the Beauty of Your Kind. Like Lightning Strikes on a Stormy Night I Saw You and Was Struck With Desire. Your Beauty is So Magnificent I Yearn to See You Everyday. The World isn’t as Beautiful as You Are. Indeed the World Can Take Some Much Needed Lessons From You to Become as Beautiful as You Are. You Are a Masterpiece of Art inside and Out No one Can Take that From You.

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