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What a Stressful Pandemic

What is stressful pandemic, as this pandemic breezes through our nation and distracts us from our lively form of dedication

We become more thankful for all of Allah's creation only from the fear of the destruction of this world

We tend to seem lost but the only right path to walk down is to seek Allah

Help and pray for the mercy and forgiveness Allah will restore upon this nation before Allah’s punishment befalls you and you feel the punishment of Hellfire (Insha Allah)

What is stressful pandemic this has been

Just open your eyes as wide as you claim they have been and see that this world is on its way to the end

It is never too late to humble to Allah before your days will end

It has been too much stress on earth for us to leave with no promise of where we will rest

In the end it will be peace and mercy from Allah or it is with Satan (Iblis) the evil Jinn that will leave you with an unbearable punishment.

So open your eyes, take some time out of your day, research Al-Islam and learn how to pray because the end might just be today.

But if you are reading this poem, then on the day when Allah calls all souls to account for their deeds and misdeeds during their allotted time on earth you cannot say you were never introduced to Islam way.



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