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Larry Fisher #334314

No Surrender

By Larry Fisher

To be free is one thing, staying free is another. Surrendering what I must do to stay out of prison. Why Surrender? Because there’s no reason to be in a war that I cannot win. I have been in this war for so long, I always find myself face down in the bad choices I’ve made.

Time and time again I forgive myself and I also forget … but this, to stay free, I will forgive, but I cannot forget. I must forgive myself for my negative thoughts that turned into negative actions, but my change comes not by forgetting my mistakes, but by being able to use them as a stepping stone for my future.

Most people may see surrendering as a form of quitting or giving up. Me, I see it as a way to stop trying to win a fight that was never meant to be won. So, to move forward, I must stop standing still and start walking with change of outlooks on different situations.

In the past, when work seemed too hard, I gave up, I quit by taking the easy way. So, if I can give up on something positive I can give up and quit the negative things from my past, in order to have a future.

Why? Because I’m somebody, and while in prison I’m no one. I am not a loser in life. The only people in life that lose are the ones who stop trying.

To be free and continue to stay free, I, Larry Fisher must surrender in order to fight another day. To stay out of prison, I will forgive, but not forget. To stay out of prison, I will not stop trying, if I fall while trying to stand

God Bless


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