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From within this concrete fortress

Constructed to contain

Madness, heartache, death, and pain

One must seek solace in an attempt to maintain and stay sane

Nothing but darkness

Accompanied by an Arctic chill

Are the daily characteristics

The entrapped soul reveals

Tormented by demons

With a desire for destruction

An overwhelming hunger to kill

This rock solid box is needed for the emotionless parasites it conceals

A captive to my own actions

Living life given a F*** about the law

Held hostage in my own body

Not living but surviving in a prison under Satan's beck and call

For decades I have compound these walls

Foolishly housing host that were hostile

While searching to eliminate my enemies in the land

Blind to the fact that inside me is where they've always been

I've always prayed for guidance

To release me from this confinement within me

Failing to realize guidance has always been there

It's taking this significant emotional event for me to open my eyes and see

Now I allow myself inflicted imprisonment to refine me

Permit this circumstance to make not break me

Then with God's grace….

Let me contemplate the proper phrase

Pac said it best

I shall emerge

A rose

Grown from the concrete.





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