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Len Mitchell

“Make It Right”

My ancestors were slaves and I still allowed myself to end up in chains.

Isn't it all the same?  Well, except for who's to blame?

They would never approve.  So, what does this prove?

Was I destined to lose?  Was this fated from the womb?

No, it can't be.    'Cause though many share my plight,

So many chose to fight and stay on the side of right.

Am I a wasted life just because I wasted life?

Because I thought Devils Pic tasted nice when I decided to take a slice?

But I can make it, right?   There's gotta be a way to make it right.

If I track back to where life went left, can I take a right?

What do you mean it's too late?   So…..that is it for me ?

Oh….you mean I can close that book and start a new story ?

New man?   Fresh start?   Now I just need a title….

I’ll call it  “Only The Important Things”, since I finally see what's vital.

To my family and friends who've always seen what I could be,

My sincerest apologies for fighting who I should be.

How can I make it up to you?   Say the word, I'll make it happen.

Wait, that's it?   Just turn these words into actions?

Well even I can do that, though I'll time show the proof.

For starters - Hello Beautiful World!   I don't think we've been introduced…..



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