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Mark Perry #765561

“State Razed”
By Mark Perry

They say, “A man’s character is his fate”.
They say, “As the branch is bent, so the tree takes shape”.
Well if that’s the case, let’s see what they’ve created,
Take a good look at what
“Washington State Raises”

My life is like an open book,
With ripped torn pages
Or better yet an episode of
“World’s Wildest Police Chases”
If you could see inside my head
You’d see a madman pacing cages
You’d see me floating up Shxt Creek
With a fishing pole catching cases.

Then you might realize you’re messing
With a former “Eastern State Patient”.
They said I should probably be sedated,
We’re talking serious medications.
But let the truth be told
I’m just tuned to a different station.

I’ve spent too long inside your cages.
Your ten foot spaces, your mental matrix.
Now you tell me how am I supposed to make it??
With no solid roots and no foundation,
No experience in “Real Life Situations”.
This is what happens when your family life’s forsaken.
When you’re 4 years old and enter into “State Placement”.
I’m like a Washington State license plate.
“Made In Incarceration”.


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