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Martin Hatton #A349-126

My name is Martin L. Hatton, I am 57 years old, I have reddish hair, 5'9” tall  and weigh 185 pounds. I am a country boy who enjoys camping, dancing, motorcycles, classic cars, and good people. Looking to meet pen pals also, to help make the time go easir. I can be contacted using the information below and also by for emails.  I look forward to hearing from you. I have spent the last two decades in prison for a rape I DID NOT COMMITT. Convicted solely on the perjured testimony of the man caught committing this crime.

In April of 1996 I was married, shortly after that in November I met this person at a body shop where I was having a truck painted, and three months later that resulted in me being where I am today. Over the past twenty years there have been multiple appeals in the State Courts only to be denied. The Attorneys we have hired caused this case to be defaulted in the Federal Courts, meaning there has never been an appeal on the merits of this case by a Federal Judge. I can say with a 100% percent certainty, had this case been heard, I would not be setting here today.

The evidence of my innocence is overwhelming; we have D.N.A. that the State refuses to turn over for re-testing with today's advanced technology, there was D.N.A. found that was never reported, and the lab responsible for this failure has been sued for this exact issue in 2014 by the Chief Of Police in Columbus, Ohio- this information is available on line.

The Governor of Ohio in 2010 asked for the evidence to be retested and the state still refused that request. see: (TEST OF CONVICTIONS) on line in the Columbus Dispatch, Columbus Ohio. The victim identified two men in the line-up the following morning; I was NOT one of those men. The Trial Judge in this case is related to my ex-wife by marriage, and in 1992 I had to call the Pike County Sheriff’s Office to have this Judges brother removed due to the seriousness of this case, and the background of that divorce, this Judge should have removed himself. I believe his personal feelings are clear due to the person caught committing this crime has been released, and I am still facing (19) more years.

In 2009 this individual contacted the Ohio Innocence Project with several letters recanting all statements against me, and in fact gives a man’s name to which he says was his accomplice. The courts rejected this appeal claiming he was lying, yet during trial he admitted lying during cross examination over twenty times; this is available in the trial transcripts to read.

There are endless issues to prove my innocence, but due to the attorneys making several crucial mistakes causing this case to be defaulted, and the Jury being misled and lied too, I set here with hope and faith that somewhere there is help to get this case into the proper courts to show the absurd facts that put me here, and help me regain my freedom and allowing me to return home to my family and children. It seems our justice system only focuses on a person’s faults, never taking into consideration what good that person has done, and in some cases taking a personal grudge and using it to their advantage not caring who they hurt in the process. I have every report that has ever been used in this case, and some they failed to turn over until years later.

Note: There has never been a victims police report turned over in this case, Why? In closing, See: Travisty Of Justice The Martin Hatton Case on (FACEBOOK).


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Martin Hatton #A349-126
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