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Fit To Stand Trial

Fit to Stand Trial

It's very hard to be accepted when you're living under a misconception

When they paint you with the brush of a villain, you get no affection

People believe everything they hear in the media even if they lied

But my hands are always open - people I have nothing to hide

I shouldn't be defined as one moment or mistake I supposedly made

I should be judged from what I do here on out or if I changed

That should be the only thing that matters for people to look at

I've grown up a lot since then, focused on when I get back

My life is an open book, so all you have to do is ask

I'm gonna show you my true face, not cover it with a mask

So don't judge me by what you see, rather get to know me and you'll see

I am willing to talk to you but only if you would accept me

So let's sit down at the round table and grab both our cups

Or I'll just stand on Friendship Street waiting to be picked up

I have many things to tell you, with a lot of curves and angles

If you don't give me the chance, send me to heaven I was meant for an Angel.

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