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Marvellus Lucas


What is a dream but what you interpret it to be.  A dream is but necessity.

Dying without purpose and dreaming.  Something bigger than oneself, living for just one embrace fighting life.  In it’s space.

Walking thru desert to find an oasis or is it to be filled with a mirage.

Let me dream a dream bigger than my dream, to find a love bigger than my love, to find a kiss bigger than lips, to taste a taste bigger than taste.

Treasure buried beneath broken hearts and broken dreams.

Why not just sleep and be in bliss, endless.

I’d rather be with all my dreams and love, not lost and fill the way life should feel.

Our does, our struggle, we fight through, make a dream worth dreaming.

Would we not know pleasure without pain, love without lose or warmth without cold, shallow, without depth.

I’d rather dream forever and be with those are dreaming.

Fighting, excuse after excuse, learning and not thinking. 

Thank you dreams, Thank you Life for purpose is in the fight.  A dream is but a night. 

The star I dream to be.

The moon that taunts me.  Thank you.  For now I know I will not fail myself for my dreams will not allow and I live life and make smiles. 

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